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Title Study of in Vitro Anticataract Activity of Tamarindus indica Linn on Isolated Goat Lenses
Authors *Srikanth Merugu, Veeresh B, Deepa Rekulapally and Swetha T
Description The antioxidant such as Tamarindus indica Linn. was subjected to prevent cataract formation in vitro on galactose induced cataract model. Goat lenses were incubated in artificial aqueous humor containing 55mM galactose (cataractogenesis) and Tamarindus indica Linn. extract in different concentrations kept at room temperature for 72 h. Biochemical parameters were studied in the lens homogenate, which are malondialdehyde (MDA), lipid peroxidase and proteins. Galactose-induced opacification of goat lens began 8-10 hrs after incubation and was complete in 72-80 h. Cataractous lenses showed higher MDA (P<0.001), and water-soluble protein content. Lenses treated with Tamarindus indica Linn.extract in concentrations of 50, 75µg/ml showed higher protein (total proteins) content and prevented formation and progress of cataract by galactose, as evidenced by biochemical parameters.