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Authors Laboni Barai, Rumana Akhter, Uddipon Aziz, Mohammad Ali, Mohammad Shahriar
Description The present study was done to evaluate in vivo anti-pyretic, gastrointestinal motility, anti-nociceptive and acute toxicity effect of different leaf extracts of Citrus hystrix in Swiss albino mice following oral administration. In vivo anti-pyretic test of methanol and ethanol extracts of Citrus hystrix leaf was done brewer's yeast method; GI motility test was done by charcoal induced anti motility test, anti-nociceptive activity was tested by acetic acid induced writhing method and tail immersion method, acute toxicity study was done by investigating mortality/morbidity status of test animal. Statistically significant (pless than 0.05) result was found in case of in vivo anti-nociceptive activity test for the 100 mg/kg methanol extract when compared to standard diclofenac-Na. None of the extracts showed any significant in vivo acute toxicity effect on mice. This plants leaf extracts exhibit some antipyretic activity and significant anti-nociceptive activity without inducing any discernible acute toxicity effect.