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Title Evaluation of Antibacterial Effect of Ethanol Extract and its Different Fractions of Anogeissus acuminata [Roxb] Leaves by Disk Diffusion Technique
Authors Syed Md. Abdul Kader

Background: The reason of the present study was to assessment of antibacterial effect of leaves extract of Anogeissus acuminata [Roxb.] and its different fractions. Methods: Leaves of A. acuminata was extracted with pure ethanol [EEAA], then methanol extract fractioned with n-hexane [NHFEEAA], chloroform [CHFEEAA], ethyl acetate [EAFEEAA] and methanol [MFEEAA]. Antibacterial activity was measured by observing zone of inhibition for each extract and fractions on both gram positive and negative bacteria. Results: The highest antimicrobial potential observed for MFEEAA [12.0 ± 0.50] mm of zone of inhibition with 43.47% relative percentage of inhibition at 1000 μg/disc compared to Kanamycin 30 μg/disc and EEAA extract showing 41.33% of relative percentage of inhibition at 1000 μg/disc. Conclusions: In a nutshell, results of the present experiments indicated significant Antibacterial action of the extract and fractions of leaves of A. acuminata. Moreover, this plant warrants additional research for other supreme pharmacological activities and inclusive research and isolation of the dynamic constituents accountable for these activities and set up the mechanism of action.