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Authors *B. Akshaya Srikanth, G. Praveen Kumar and S. K. Jain
Description The role of the healthcare provider should consist of educating patients and their relatives about the drugs and supplements and ensuring the patients without harming themselves by self medications. Pharmacists can assist them in this by playing a role although some dietary supplements are used while in treating diseases and have some scientific research to support their use. There are many dietary supplements like velarian, melatonin used for the treatment of mild to moderate insomnia, omega-3-fatty acid, niacin in reducing the triglycerides levels and lycopene in reducing the HMG-CoA reductase by enhancing the LDL reductase which are safe and more effective. Current supplements and how they should be effectively useful in different condition and counseling to the patient. Information to assist the healthcare providers about the dietary supplements use in different conditions and counseling the patients is also provided.