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Title Dissolution enhancement of Meloxicam Using Liquisolid Technique
Authors *Nishtha Shrivastava, Ritu Priya Mahajan, Alok Sharma, Suresh Chandra Mahajan
Description The limited solubility of drugs has always been a challenging task for pharmaceutical industries engaged in manufacturing and development of solid dosage forms. To overcome this problem, Liquisolid technique has gained immense popularity as a novel approach in the last decade. The present study deals with the dissolution enhancement of Meloxicam by Liquisolid Technique. An attempt has been made to formulate fast dissolving tablets of Meloxicam, a poorly water soluble drug. The dissolution rate of Meloxicam was compared with the marketed tablet. The results indicated that formulation (F11) containing microcrystalline cellulose as the carrier and aerosil as the coating material in the 20:1 ratio, displayed higher dissolution profile compared to other formulations. The prepared tablets showed good wettability, rapid disintegration, and acceptable dissolution rate compared to the marketed product. It has been observed that liquisolid technique is the most promising way for solubility and dissolution enhancement of Meloxicam. It can be concluded that liquisolid technique resulted in improved dissolution of Meloxicam.