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Title Development and Validation of UV-Spectrophotometric Method for Estimation of Velpatasvir in Bulk Form by Absorbance Maxima Method
Authors Somia Gul and Asra Hameed*

Recent study was conducted to develop a simple UV spectrophotometric method to determine an HCV inhibitor, Velpatasvir in bulk form according to official requirement and validate as per ICH guidelines. λmax of Velpatasvir was found 303 nm. Linearity existedperceived in the concentration assortment 5-40 μg/ml (r2 =0.999) for the method. The method was validated pertaining to linearity, precision and accuracy studies, LOD and LOQ consistent with ICH guidelines. Recovery studies for absorption maxima method was found to be 100.35%, 100.0% and 100.08% respectively. The existent method was establish to be simple, linear, precise, accurate as well as sensitive and can be applied for routine quality control enquiry for the analysis of Velpatasvir in bulk form.