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Authors Ramteke K.H, Dighe P.A, Kharat A. R, Patil S.V
Description <div style="text-align: justify">Transmucosal drug delivery is an alternative method of systemic delivery of the drug which offers different advantages over existing methods by enhancing the bioavailability of drug due to rich in blood supply in mucosal surface and prolongs residence time at the site of application to permit once or twice daily dosing. Buccal route is an attractive and easy transmucosal route of administration for systemic drug delivery. Delivery of the drug via buccal route leads direct access to the systemic circulation through the internal jugular vein bypasses drugs from hepatic first pass metabolism leading to higher bioavailability. Buccal bioadhesive patches, releases topical drugs in the oral cavity at a slow and predetermined rate and provides advantages over traditional dosage forms for treatment of many diseases and disorders. The objective of this article is to review buccal patches by discussing their composition, method of preparation and evaluation.</div>