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Title An assessment and evaluation of patient compliance in type ii diabetes mellitus in general medicine department of tertiary care hospital
Authors L. Panayappan, Faseela PS, Lincy George, K. Krishnakumar

Type 2 Diabetes mellitus or insulin dependent diabetes comprises 90% of the people with diabetic and is a challenging disease to manage successfully. The prevalence is very high in Indians. According to World Health Organization patient compliance towards long term therapy for chronic disease indicates only around 50% in India. A prospective observational survey was carried out for the duration of 8 months among the patients. Medication adherence to diabetes medicine was determined using a modified version of the eight items self-reported Morisky medication Adherence Scale (MMAS).Each item is in a yes/no format, with a maximum possible score of eight equating very poor adherence and zero considered as good adherence. 108 patients were included in the study.54 in the control group and 54 in the intervention group. Intervention group showed more statistical significance (p value< 0.05) for patient compliance as compared with control group. Pharmacist care will significantly improve the therapeutic goal in the achievement of better patient compliance.