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Role of Heparin during Pregnancy

Pedada Akhil

Different kinds of heparin the sort we for the most part use is a Low Molecular Weight Heparin (LMWH) like Enoxaparin (otherwise called Clexane) or Dalteparin. Venous apoplexy is a condition wherein blood coagulation (clots) structures in a vein (venous apoplexy). Most regularly, venous apoplexy happens in the "profound veins" in the legs, thighs or pelvis and this is known as a profound vein apoplexy or a DVT. A DVT can restrict blood course through the vein, causing expanding and torment, yet there is a danger that it can sever and go through the circulation system. This is called an embolus. On the off chance that the embolus lodges in the lung this is known as a pneumonic embolus (PE). A PE may mess breathing up, chest torment and hacking up blood. During pregnancy and the Heparin is an anticoagulant drug. This implies that is hinders blood coagulating. There are prompt period after birth, the danger of venous apoplexy is expanded.