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Peer Education: An Effective Teaching Approach to Supporting Pharmacy Undergraduate and High School Pupil Learning

Emma Williams, Sarah C Willis, David G Allison

Peer education between undergraduate pharmacy students and high school pupils has the potential to be an effective teaching method for the delivery of health promotion interventions due to social and cognitive congruence that learners share with educators. The aim of this study was to: explore perceived impact on third year pharmacy students of being a peer educator; and to identify benefits of health promotion and change in knowledge of high school pupil learners. Interactive workshops covering public health topics relevant to 14-16 year olds were developed and co-designed with teachers, with workshop learning outcomes mapped to the appropriate curriculum. Pharmacy students were allocated to groups of four and provided with training prior to workshop delivery. Surveys of pupils and teachers evaluating the workshops were analysed using descriptive statistics; pharmacy students’ perceptions were captured in an assessed continuing professional development record and analysed thematically. Pupils and teachers rated the workshops very highly; pharmacy students benefitted by feeling more prepared for future health promotion roles.