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Evaluation of in vivo Wound healing activity of Jasminum angustifolium linn on excision wound model in rats

Kukloria Sonam, Singune Shantilal, Bele , D.S, Kukloria Gagan

Objective: To evaluate the wound healing effect of  ethanolic and aqueous extract of dried roots of Jasminum angustifolium linn in rats.

Methods: wound model excision wound were used in this study .The parameter studies were  percentage of wound contraction and period of epithelialization  in excision wound model.The ethanolic and aqueous extract of Jasminum angustifolium linn administered at 300mg/kg per day for 20 day.

Result :In excision wound model ,the percentage of wound contraction was significantly (P<0.05) increased by doses of test extract on all the days.

Conclusion: The results suggest that ethanol and aqueous  extract of Jasminum angustifolium Linn was found to possess significant wound healing property.this was evident by decrease in the period of epithelialization ,increase in rate of wound contraction. Hence Jasminum angustifolium linn could be a good wound healer agent.