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Efficacy of ormeloxifene in dysfunctional uterine bleeding: a boon too many

Thapa Shreya*, Agrawal Rani Nisha, Chaubey Lavina

A prospective study was conducted after ethical clearance to evaluate the efficacy of Ormeloxifene in the medical management of DUB in a Tertiary care hospital. The study included 60 women with DUB who underwent baseline assessment and were then treated with Ormeloxifene 60 mg orally twice a week for 12 weeks, followed by once a week for next 12 weeks. The efficacy of the study drug was analyzed by comparing the baseline and post treatment PABC score, menstrual cycle pattern, haemoglobin level, endometrial thickness and satisfaction with treatment. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS. There was statistically significant decrease in median PABC score and endometrial thickness. The mean haemoglobin level difference was not statistically significant. The menstrual pattern regularized in 90.4% patients. There was 100% satisfaction with the treatment. Thus Ormeloxifene, a non-steroidal, non-hormonal agent, with its convenient dose schedule provides effective and favourable medical management option with least side effects, suitable for the treatment of DUB.