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Effect of cyclodextrin on postprandial blood glucose and triglycerides

Mitsuki Sugahara, Yutaka Inoue*, Isamu Murata, Daisuke Nakata, Keiji Terao, Ikuo Kanamoto

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the potential inhibitory effect of α-cyclodextrin (αCD), consumed concurrently with a normal meal, on postprandial blood glucose increase and on triglyceride levels. Subjects were categorized into three groups: meal only (control group), αCD 5 g and meal (αCD group), and γCD 5 g and meal (γCD group). Ten subjects were studied using a crossover design. Compared to the control group, the αCD group showed an obvious blood glucose increase inhibitory effect at 120 minutes after a meal (p < 0.05). Furthermore, a significant difference was observed in insulin and triglyceride levels between these two groups. Based on our results, when αCD group was consumed concurrently, αCD demonstrated a postprandial blood glucose increase inhibitory effect, which may lead to the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases.