ANTIDIARRHEAL ACTIVITY OF LEAVES EXTRACT OF MICROCOS PANICULATA LINN IN MICE *Md. Masudur Rahman, Abu Mohammed Taufiqual Islam, Md. Ashraf Uddin Chowdhury, Muhammad Erfan Uddin and Ahsan Jamil The experiment of methanolic extract of Microcos paniculata leaves showed significant (p<0.001) inhibitor activity against castor oil induced diarrhea and castor oil induced enteropooling in mice at dose of 400 mg/kg body weight. There was also significant (p<0.01) reduction in gastrointestinal motility in the charcoal meal test. Loperamide (5 mg/kg b. wt) was used as positive control. These results revealed that the leaves extract possess pharmacological activity against diarrhea and may possibly explain the use of the plant in traditional medicine. International Journal Of Pharmacy 2249-1848 2012-01-01 1 21-25 Copyright (c) Pharma Scholars. All rights reserved 2013