GC/MS ANALYSIS, ANTISALMONELLAL POTENTIAL OF METHANOL LEAF EXTRACTS OF TRISTEMMA MAURITIANUM AND EFFECTS ON HEMATOLOGICAL PARAMETERS ON WISTAR RATS INFECTED WITH SALMONELLA TYPHI David NGOUDJOU TSAFACK, Muhammad ARFAT YAMEEN, Guy Sedar Singor NJATENG, Charles FOKUNANG, Jean Noel NYEMB, Fatima NIGHAT, Donatien GATSING <p> Typhoid fever remains a marked problem of public health in the world especially Africa and Asia. This work aimed to evaluate the antisalmonellal potential of extracts and fractions from Tristemmamauritianum. The microdilution technique was used for MIC and MBC determination whereas GC/MS was used to identify some components of the methanol extract. This extract was tested in vivoagainst salmonella-induced typhoid in rats. Among crude extracts, the methanol extract showed the better MICs ranging from 96 to 192 µg/ml. In vivo, the activity of the methanol extract was comparable to the one of oxytetracycline since both at the tested doses were able to heal infected rats. The hematological parameters showed an increase of WBC and the decrease of RBC and differentials in non treated groups’. From GC/MS 11 compounds were identified using NIST library. The results of this work provide the baseline information for the possible usage of Tristemmamauritianum to treat typhoid fever and others salmonellosis.</p> International Journal Of Pharmacy 2249-1848 04/04/2017 2 120-131 Copyright (c) Pharma Scholars. All rights reserved 2013