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Authors *Rajeesha Surapaneni, Rohini P, Santosh Kumar Vobbilireddi and Mounika G
Description Spectroscopy is the major tool used for the determination of quantum energy levels in atoms, molecules, semiconductor etc. Ultrafast spectroscopy is a very wide field of research from departments of physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, biology and material science. The field of ultrafast spectroscopy includes the spectroscopic measurements for which electronic detectors are not fast enough to allow direct measurement phenomena. These time scales presently range from about 10 fs to 100 ps. It is based on the use of light pulses that have very short temporal duration to interrogate matter. To illustrate the advantages of ultrafast spectroscopy and explore some of its implications, a quantum- mechanical formalism is required. Collisions in room-temperature liquids occur on a few-fs time scale, so nearly all processes in liquids are ultrafast. An ultrafast spectroscopic method using monolithic column high-performance liquid chromatography was evaluated for the simultaneous determination of a drug discovery. Ultrafast 2D-IRspectroscopy has been applied to study the structure and vibrational dynamics.