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Authors M. S. K. Choudhuri
Description Chandrangshu Ras (CDR) is an ayurvedic preparation used as a traditional medicine in the treatment of vulvodynia. In this study, effect of CDR on organ toxicity profile was evaluated after chronic administration of this drug to male Sprague-Dawley rats. The acute pharmacological study of CDR recorded no death or any signs of toxicity even at the highest dose of 4000 mg/Kg body weight. For chronic pharmacological evaluation, the animals were divided into two groups. The first group was given CDR preparation at a dose of 100 mg/kg body weight for 32 days while the second group that served as the control received water for the same period. After 32 days of chronic administration of the CDR preparation, the following effects on the organ toxicity profile were noted. All throughout the experimental period the CDR treated animals were always maintaining negligible decrease in body weight, in the body weight study, but it was not significant. The drug (CDR) did not affect any absolute or relative percent weight of different organs of the body and also water content of these organs significantly. So, the results of the present prospective study showed that ayurvedic treatment with Chandrangshu Ras is safe for oral administration