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Title Tolnaftate loaded sln gel for improved transdermal drug delivery: formulation and evaluation
Authors V.Viswanath, B. Narasimha Rao, K. Gnana prakash, D. Sai Padmini, B. Gowthami

Solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) were novel colloidal drug carrier systems offering controlled release profiles for many pharmaceutically active agents. The objective of present research work was to develop Tolnaftate-solid lipid nanoparticles using solid lipid as drug carrier. As the drug was inactive orally, it was delivered by topical route. Hot homogenization along with ultrasonication were used for such purpose. Then they were converted to gel. The drug compatibility was checked by using FTIR studies. Seven different formulations were prepared by variable concentrations of lipids and its effect on drug loading was studied. Produced Tolnaftate- SLN gels  were evaluated for the  parameters like Homogenity, Spreadability, Viscosity, pH, Drug content, Entrapment Efficiency, invitro drug release & invitro drug  permeation studies. Antifungal activity of the optimized formulation (F7) was also studied. Tolnaftate -SLNs have good potential in treating topical fungal infections.