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Authors *Venu T, Vamshi N and Anil A
Description Cancer is a generic term for a large group of diseases that can occur in any part of the body. It is caused by abnormal changes in the ‘DNA’ of the cell. Of all the types of cancers, ‘Breast cancer’ is most dangerous. It occurs mostly in women. Nearly 4,60,000 deaths per year are caused only by the breast cancer1. Though there are many different types of cancer treatments like chemotherapy (chemotherapy medicines prevent cancer cells from growing and spreading by destroying the cells or stopping them from dividing.), surgery (removing the part of the breast which underwent the cancer.), hormonal therapy (hormonal therapy medicines treat the hormone receptor-positive breast cancers.) etc. but till now there is no successful method of treatment to cure the cancer completely. So always we need a new technology to treat the cancer. Thus nano technology, microwave technology, targeted therapy were introduced to detect and treat the cancer.  Along with those technologies we can boost the immune system to fight against the cancer, drugs to silence the activity of ‘hedgehog molecule’ to prevent the metastasis of cancer and using ‘blue berries’ to prevent aggressive form of breast cancer. The research on mouse models that have contributed to our understanding of the molecular processes underlying breast cancer metastasis and how such experimentation can open new avenues to the development of innovative cancer therapy.