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Title Sedative and Anxiolytic activities of methanol extract of Boehmeria platyphylla D Don Leaves.
Authors Syed Md. Abdul Kader, Md. Abdullah al Masum, Mohammad Shah Hafez Kabir, Md. Saif Uddin, Mohammad Nazmul Hoque Jony, Mohammed Sohel Chowdhury, Imran Bin Habib, Arkajyoti Paul, Shefatun Nur, Joy Chakraborty, Abul Hasanat, Md. Rafikul Islam
Description Boehmeria platyphylla leaves are deliberated as worthy traditional medicine. To give a scientific basis for traditional usage of this medicinal plant, the methanol leaf extract (MEBP) was applied for its sedative and anxiolytic activities. In this study, the sedative activity was also evaluated using open field test, hole-cross test. Besides, elevated plus maze test, hole-board test for exploratory behavior in mice were used to evaluate its anxiolytic activities. The in vivo action was done using mice of both sexes. The extract showed a dose dependent sedative effect. The number of squares traveled by the mice was decreased significantly (P<0.01) from its initial value at 0 to 90 min at the dose of 400 mg/kg body weight of the extract. In the EPM, the behavior of mice model, as observed, confirmed the anxiolytic activity of diazepam as reported previously. The methanol extract of B. platyphylla leaves (MEBP) at the dose of 400 mg/kg, significantly increased the time spent in the open arms. Hole Board test proved that the extract have significant anxiolytic activity. Because, head dipping of mice increased with the treatment of MEBP. The obtained results support that B. platyphylla has well sedative and anxiolytic effects and deserve further investigation to isolate the specific components that are responsible for the sedative and anxiolytic effects. Components from this plant may have a great potential value as medicinal agents, as leads or model compounds for synthetic or semi synthetic structure modifications and optimization.