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Title Probiotics, Zinc Re-Inforced Dextrin Compensated Reduced Glucose Hypo-Osmolar Oral Rehydration Salts
Authors D. H. Pathirana
Description Use of standard Oral Rehydration Salts in diarrheal diseases has been limited by its inability to reduce severity or duration of diarrhea. Proposed formula has dextrin replacing 70% glucose, a reduced osmolarity (206 mosmol/L), with zinc and probiotics, the last three being therapeutically effective. Starch in rice grains of Madathawalu species was partially hydrolyzed to dextrin at 1300C for 3.5 hours. Comparative glucose release studies with rice flour and dextrinized rice flour and electrolyte contents were determined where Na+, K+ and Zn2+ was found distributed within ± 4% of the target British Pharmacopeia specifications. The product was stable for three months with no effect to flow properties of the powder and color.