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Authors *Vishnu P, Sandhya M, Sreesh Kiran R, Vani ChV and Naveen Babu K
Description Needle-free injection systems are novel ways to introduce various medicines into patients without piercing the skin with a conventional needle. They can take the form of power sprays, edible products, inhalers, and skin patches. Needle-free systems are designed to solve these problems making them safer, less expensive, and more convenient. It is anticipated that these systems will increase the incidence of vaccination and reduce the amount of prescribed antibiotics. Moreover, they should reduce the number of needle stick accidents that have resulted in some health care workers contracting diseases. Today, they are a steadily developing technology that promises to make the administration of medicine more efficient and less painful. Companies are still working on producing devices that are safer and easier to use. They are also working on alternatives which can deliver even more types of medicines.