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Authors *Manasa Barlanka and Venu Gopal Y
Description Plants are the principal source of raw materials for plant based medicine since ancient times. The traditional herbal medicines are receiving great importance in the health care sector.  In Indian system of medicine i.e, ayurveda, one of the plant Naravelia zeylanica (Linn) DC belonging to family ranunculaceae has been used in the treatment of helminthiasis, dermatopathy, leprosy, rheumatalgia, odontalgia, colic inflammation, wounds and ulcers. It is distributed throughout india mainly in warm regions of Eastern Himalayas, Assam, Bengal, Bihar and greater parts of Deccan Peninsula. The aerial parts of Naravelia zeylanica traditionally used in vitiated vata, pitta, inflammation, skin diseases. The present review on Naravelia zeylanica is to know its importance with respect to pharmacognosy, pharmacology and phytochemistry in detail.