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Title Nanosuspensions: A Review
Authors Kamala Kumari, P.V and Srinivasa Rao, Y.

The current article cites the importance of the emerging and promising future of new age dosage form, ‘nano suspensions’. Particle size reduction, particularly nanonization, is a non-specific, universal approach to improve the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs. The article emphasizes importance in the preparation, evaluation and the research work going on with various drugs and their appropriate applications. Nano suspensions have emerged as a promising strategy for the efficient delivery of hydrophobic drugs because of their versatile features and unique advantages. Techniques such as media milling and  high-pressure homogenization have been used commercially for producing nano suspensions. The unique features of nano suspensions have enabled their use in various dosage forms, including specialized delivery systems such as mucoadhesive hydrogels. Rapid strides have been made in the delivery of nano suspensions by parenteral, peroral, ocular and pulmonary routes. Currently, efforts are being directed to extending their applications in site-specific drug delivery.