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Authors Pranita Savardekar, Amrita Bajaj, Anupama Puntambekar
Description The objective of the present research work study was to design, optimize and characterize Nanoemulsion for improved brain transport of the drug. Drug nanoemulsion was optimized using Box Behnken Design. Particle size, zeta potential, and Polydispersity index were measured using Malvern Zetasizer. Morphology of nanoemulsion droplets was examined using scanning electron microscopy. Drug diffusion studies were performed and drug diffused was estimated using UV spectroscopic analysis. Stable nanoemulsions were formulated. The optimized nanoemulsion showed a uniform size distribution in the range of 40-100nm with zeta potential in the range of -18mv to -30 mV. The metered dose intranasal nanoemulsion sprays of Drug will prove as an alternative to conventional intranasal delivery for therapy of bipolar disorders and mania.