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Title Multi unit drug delivery system. A brief review of pelletization technique
Authors Anwar Khan*, Rishabha Malviya, Pramod K Sharma
Description At present time pharmaceutical research and development showing its interest on drug delivery. Which enhances therapeutic action while minimizing side effect. Use of multi-particulate is the gift of that research which achieve delayed or controlled release with low risk of dose dumping, flexibility of blending to attain different release pattern as well as reproducible and short gastric residence time. Pelletization is a novel approach for the formation of spherical beads or pellets from fine powder or blend in order to develop site specific drug delivery system. Different techniques of pelletization such as suspension/solution layering, extrusion and spheronisation, cryopelletization etc. can be used for the formation of multi particulate drug delivery system. In order to provide extended or delayed release formulation, thus extending the frontier of future pharmaceutical development.