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Title Medicine Containing Herbs and Vitamins Have Eliminated 100% of Hepatitis B Virus, Prevent the Progression of Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer
Authors Nguyen Thi Trieu*

Immunodeficiency and viral hepatitis rate are increasing. Currently, there are a lot of treatment plans for hepatitis B in the world. However, make preparations still have limited in effectiveness, lead to high rate of cirrhosis and liver cancer worldwide, the currently available medicines cannot fully deliver their effectiveness is because they do not create a favorable environment with the presence of intermediates needed for the body to produce antibodies against the virus, not support of the NRTIs (nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors); To overcome these weaknesses, the invention of the herbs and vitamins mixture have made a new breakthrough, created a “perfect cell type” with the ability of preventing the invasion of virus and destroy the “mini-chromosome” of hepatitis B virus, it has helped to improve the treatment’s effectiveness. The medicine contains the following components: Adenosma Glutinosum; Eclipta Prostrata; Phyllanthus Urinaria; Ascorbic acid; Cyanocobalamin.
Post-treatment criteria:
Virus level (HBV-DNA test): see in the blood contains complete virus (including the core and shell).
Monitoring the outcome of treatment to test for HBsAg Cobas level in HBsAg Cobas (+) patient and achieved a score of < 1 (unit: COI, standard index <1). There is a small percentage of the patient showed HBsAg Cobas (-) after 24 months. Stop the treatment after achieving these criteria. The medicine has increased the therapeutic efficacy in patients with cirrhosis and liver cancer, applicable in patients with primary liver cancer and currently used alongside with Radiofrequency Ablation or Transarterial Oily Chemo Embolization.