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Authors Atiquddin Mallick, Sheikh Abdul Khaliq, Muhammad Nasir, Zahid Khan
Description The rational of this study was to determine the level of knowledge, attitude, and practice in regard to standards isolation, precautions among dentistry students in different dental colleges of Karachi so that steps could be taken to enhance the standards of dental practice and reduces the probabilities of cross infection. The main objective of the study was to determine Knowledge, Attitude and Practices in regard to infection control related precautions among the dental students and house officers in the dental colleges of Karachi and to find out association between KMDC (Karachi Medical & Dental College) and other dental colleges for dental hygiene practices. The study has been conducted in five dental collages of Karachi, 409 students of third year, final year and internees were recruited to solve the questionnaire for the duration of December 2011 to January 2012. Sample size is determined, based upon WHO criteria and the statistical analysis was performed for mean, standard deviation and age ranges. Chi Sq. was applied to determine the significance at P value <0.05. Findings of study revealed that majority of students are female in dental colleges of Karachi, among them, 77.70% believe that rate of transmission of Hepatitis-B is high while 12.30% rated AIDS as the highly transmissible infection. During the practice or trainings 24% of students and interns use goggles while 72% use detergents/antiseptics to wash their hands and 8% do not bend the needles after use. Pre dental examinations washing of hands were lacks by 5% of students and internees while almost same proportion (5%) do not get vaccination against Hepatitis-B infection. The study reveals that, it is quite evident that most of the students and internees have good knowledge of infection control in the dental clinics and also using personal procreative equipments. They are practicing the standard infection control methods. The attitude towards infection control was a little poor in some of the respondent. A large number of the respondent did not use goggles for droplet splash in the dental clinic and no significant association was found between KMDC and other dental colleges regarding dental hygiene practices.