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Title Interactive educational module: an intervention among nurses on knowledge, attitude and practice towards pharmacovigilance and adr reporting at a tertiary care hospital
Authors Sunita Kumari, Senthilkumar¬ Palaniappan, Poonam Rishishwar
Description Nurse’s knowledge and expertise is important to the application of drug safety profile. Nurses are more likely to report & detect adverse drug reactions than other healthcare professionals as they are the first point of contact to patients and doctors. The main objective of the study is to find out the effect of educational intervention among the nurses towards the knowledge, attitude & participation in reporting adverse drug reactions at tertiary care hospital in New Delhi. This study was conducted using validated Knowledge Attitude Practice (KAP) questionnaire. A total of 230 nurses responded, from the hospital. In Pre-KAP survey it was observed that hospital nurses lacked awareness about pharmacovigilance and needs to update their knowledge and practice. After intervention, a significant improvement in the knowledge, attitude and practice towards pharmacovigilance was observed among hospital nurses.