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Title In vivo studies of (Z)-1-benzhydryl-4- cinnamylpiperazines as anti-inflammatory and analgesics
Authors S Shivaprakash, Anaxee Burman, Latha Diwakar and G. Chandrasekara Reddy
Description Benzhydryl cinnamyl piperazine drugs such as cinnarizine, flunarizine and clocinizine are being used as antihistamines and as calcium channel antagonists but possess E-geometry. The present study was designed to evaluate and compare anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of (Z)-1-benzhydryl-4- cinnamylpiperazine derivatives (2a-c) with their E counterparts in-vivo using Swiss-albino mice. The results of the present study revealed that the Z-isomers have showed moderate to significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory action in a dose dependent manner. However, Z-counterpart of flunarizine exhibited remarkable analgesic property and also showed prolonged antiinflammatory activity compared to flunarizine.