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Authors *K Naga Sravanthi, Rahamat Unissa, Y Prashanth, M Sudhakar
Description Grapes along with their leaves and sap have been traditional treatments in Europe for thousands of years. Grape seed extract is derived from the ground-up seeds of red wine grapes Vitisvinifera, Family: Vitaceae. Grape Seed is a great source of polyphenols-flavonoids, Essential Fatty Acid-linoleic acid, vitamin E, and oligomeric- proanthocyanidin(OPC), Gallic Acid, Resveratrol. Grape seed extract is now used to treat a number of diseases. Human case reports and results from basic research provide preliminary evidence that grape seed extract may affect diseases, hypertension, high levels of blood cholesterol, platelet aggregation, inflammation, reduce the risk for cancer, to treat diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy and various other conditions. As a nutritional supplement the extract is available in liquid, capsule or tablet form. It can be used as a nutritional supplement in various health conditions under the supervision of a doctor.