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Title Formulation and evaluation of simvastatin buccal adhesive tablets
Authors Revathy Krishnan, T.N.K Suriyaprakash, Sheron Joseph
Description The objective of the study was to develop buccal adhesive tablets of Simvastatin using mucoadhesive polymers. Simvastatin has short biological half-life (3hr), high first-pass metabolism and poor oral bioavailability (5%), hence an ideal candidate for buccal delivery system. The tablets were prepared by direct compression technique using xanthan gum, guar gum, chitosan and aloe gum. Aloe gum was extracted from Aloe Barbadensis miller leaves. Formulations were evaluated for weight variation, hardness, friability, drug content, swelling studies, determination of mucoadhesive strength and in vitro release studies. FTIR studies show no evidence on interaction between drug, polymers and other excipients. In vitro drug release studies revealed that release of Simvastatin from different formulations varies with characteristics and composition of polymers. Formulation F3 selected as optimized formulation based on physicochemical parameters, and in vitro release rates and follows zero order drug release. Chitosan and guar gum were helpful for controlling the drug release in better way when used in proper combinations. The results indicate that suitable bioadhesive buccal tablets for Simvastatin with controlled drug delivery could be prepared.