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Authors *Prasanth VV, Maharshi S, Sam T. Mathew, Abin Abraham, Kiran Jadhav
Description Doxorubicin is an effective anticancer drug used in the treatment of several cancers such as osteosarcoma, kaposis sarcoma. The usage of the drug is limited because of its adverse effects on the heart. To reduce the adverse effects and to increase the release rate doxorubicin is formulated into liposomal dosage form. The liposomes are prepared by the thin film hydration method.Using soyalecithin as the phospholipid. This study mainly explains about the effect of concentration of soyalecithin, cholesterol and DSPE-MPEG2000 on the particle size of formulated liposomes which ranges in between 0.766 &plusmn; 0.03&micro;m to 13.56 &plusmn;&nbsp; 0.10 &micro;m , drug entrappment efficiency of different formulations in which maximum entrapment efficiency was determined as 96.45 &plusmn; 0.95 % and minimum was 24.89 &plusmn; 1.18 % , zeta potential which is determainedd as -0.271 mV, in vitro drug release in which the the maximum sustain release was found as 41.45 &plusmn; 1.06 %&nbsp; and stability studies at different temperatures and maximum drug retention was found in refrigerated temperature 2-8 oC. <br />