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Authors Keshari Roshan, M. Bharkatiya, Rathore K.S, Shyama S. Kumar, Gajaram Sirvi, somani Neelam Bhupal Nobels
Description FDT is regarded as the one of the most frontier and novel drug delivery system because of large range of patient compliance. It is easily administered by the large range of patient as well as the patient of, pediatrics, and dysphasic, mental illness patient and also for the active patients where there is no availability of water as it dissolves in mouth in saliva without use of water within 60sec. It also gives rapid onset of action due to the absorption in the pre gastric area and it has also improved the bioavailability. However it has also got some advantage, disadvantage, ideal properties as well as characteristic. It is prepared by two technologies, one is conventional technology and other is patentedtechnology. In conventional technology it is prepared by   Freeze drying  or lycophilisation,  Sublimation,  Spray drying, tablet  Molding,  Mass extrusion,  Direct compression,  Cotton-candy process,  Nanotization,  Fast dissolving films,  Melt granulation. And it is easily evaluated by different technique such as shape, size, thickness, diameter, weight variation , friability, wetting time, hardness of tablet, in vitro / vivo disintegration time, dissolution test, stability study and drug content etc. Many pharmaceutical industries are engaged in production of FDT and its research. We can also say that there is good future trend of FDT but it required some more advancement.