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Title Evaluation of in vitro antibacterial activity of Mentha Longifolia extracts
Authors Muhammad Ibrar, Hina Nazir, Kosar Tammana, Jehangir Khan, Palwasha, Aiman Zafar, Ume Roman, Imran Aman, Muhammad Akif, Abid Hussain, Azam Hayat, Mujaddad-ur-rehman
Description The aim of the current study is to investigate the antibacterial activity of Mentha Longifolia extract against commonly encountered pathogenic bacteria. The principle focus is on naturally occurring substance and their derivatives especially flavonoids present in plants which are reported to possess good antibacterial activity. The extracts were tested for antibacterial activity against different selected bacteria by disk diffusion method. The results showed that the cold water flower extract exhibited a relatively strong antimicrobial activity against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria tested. The ethanolic extract of M. Longifolia also showed good antibacterial activity against both gram positive and gram negative. E. coli was the most sensitive bacteria among all and E. faecalis was recorded as most resistant bacteria. Present study reveals significantly higher broad-spectrum antibacterial activity of M. Longifolia and such findings could be considered a valuable support in the treatment of UTI and respiratory tract infections.