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Title Evaluation of edible herb Solanum tuberosum L. to be used as nutraceuticals
Authors Banani Mondal, Sarker Ramproshad, Milon Mondal, Md. Golam Hossain

The study was designed to explore nutraceuticals from the edible herb Solanum tuberosum L. through investigation of antioxidant, antihyperglycemic and antibacterial activities. Antioxidant activity was accomplished using DPPH free radical scavenging and reducing power assay. Oral glucose tolerance test was used to measure antihyperglycemic activity. At last, antibacterial activity was evaluated by disc diffusion method. Phytochemical assay of the plant extract indicated the presence of therapeutically active phytoconstituents. Total polyphenol, flavonoids and tannin contents were 27mg GAE/g, 22mg QE/g and 14mg GAE/g of dried extract respectively. DPPH radical scavenging and reducing power of S. tuberosum were comparable to standard antioxidant. A well-built relationship was observed between polyphenol, flavonoid and antioxidant activity of extract. S. tuberosum predominantly (p<0.05) reduced blood glucose level at 400mg/kg in glucose induced hyperglycemic mice and revealed maximum inhibition against Enterococcus faecalis in the antibacterial assay. Due to these beneficial effects these edible herbs may be a good source of nutraceuticals.