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Title Evaluation of Cytotoxic Activity by Brine Shrimp Lethality Bioassay of Ethanol Extract and Its Different Fractions of Anogeissus acuminata (Roxb.) Leave
Authors Mahmudul Hasan

Background: The purpose of the investigation was to ascertain whether the leaf extracts of Anogeissus acuminata holds any significant medicinal properties. Methods: Leaves of A. acuminata was extracted with pure ethanol (EEAA), then methanol extract fractioned with n-hexane (NHFEEAA), chloroform (CHFEEAA), ethyl acetate (EAFEEAA) and methanol (MFEEAA). Cytotoxic assay was done by using brine shrimp lethality bioassay for measuring LC50. Results: Ethanol extract and its different fractions of leaves of A. acuminata showed moderate to well cytotoxic effect. In brine shrimp lethality bioassay, MFEEAA and CHFEEAA revealed the highest cytotoxic activity having LC50 values 215.32 ± 3.02 µg/ml and 234.56 ± 2.01 µg/ml, respectively. Conclusions: The overall results of the study indicated significant cytotoxic activity of ethanol extract and its different fractions of leaves of A. acuminata. Furthermore, this plant deserves further investigation for other paramount pharmacological activities and comprehensive research and isolation of the active constituents responsible for these activities and establishes the mechanism of action.