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Title Evaluation of antioxidant and antimicrobial property of different extracts of litsea salicifolia (roxb.ex nees) leaf.
Authors Md. Afaz Uddin, D. M. Jakaria, Aumit Roy, Md. Ariful Islam, Md. Emdadullah,Md. Sameul Ahmed , F. M. Shah NomanUl Bari, Md. Nuruzzaman Neon
Description A lot of research works are going on worldwide to find out natural antioxidants of plants origins as various oxidative stress related diseases result due to accumulation of free radicals in the body. The aims of this study were to evaluate in vitro antioxidant activities and antimicrobial property of Litseasalicifolia(ROXB.EX NEES) leaf.In total phenol content determination methanolic extract showed highest value of 102±1.414 mg/gm as Gallic Acid Equivalent (GAE). Ethyl acetate extract showed highest total flavonoid content with 285.5±6.364 mg/gm as Quarcetin Equivalent (QE) and total anti-oxidant capacity with 264.5 ±10.607 mg/gm as Ascorbic Acid Equivalent (AAE). Methanolic extract showed highest tannin content with 253.5714 ±5.051mg/gm as Tannic Acid Equivalent (TAE) and good DPPH free radical scavenging activity with IC50 of 251.227 µg/mL. In antimicrobial assay extracts showed poor activity. Further studies are needed to isolate active compounds.