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Title Evaluation of antioxidant activity in fruit extracts of Avicennia Marina L and Avicennia Officinalis L
Authors N. Sharief Mohammad, A.Srinivasulu, P. Satya Veni and Uma Maheswara Rao V
Description Antioxidant activity of Avicenni marina L and Avicennia officinalis L fruit extracts in ethyl acetate, acetone, methanol and ethanol were studied by ABTS, CrO5 and FRAP method. All the extracts possessed significant amount of the antioxidant activity, extracts in methanol and ethanol was demonstrated convincingly higher antioxidant activity by all the three methods. Whereas, the ethyl acetate exhibited less antioxidant activity. The present study reveals the potential of fruit extracts of Avicennia marina L and Avicennia officinalis L with antioxidant principles.