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Title Ethnobotanical Review of Gynea Diseases
Authors Naveed Raja
Description Gynea disease includes different types of diseases suffered by women throughout world. To treat these diseases with herbs is common practice which became less common after 50’s but knows it again becoming popular. Tribal or local women’s use available plants to deal with different diseases. The person under whose guidance this work is done is known by different word in different Tribes of different countries i. e Daye, Hakeem’s, spiritual healers, clergymen, homeopath, Vaidya etc. Different diseases include Gynea cancers, Ectopic pregnancy, Pelvic pain, Sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), Menstrual problems etc. Literature review had revealed that most common problem suffer by women’s are menstrual disorders while Vulvar cancer occur rarely. Aim of this work was to collect ethno-gynecological information. This review article reveals 400 plants that are used for gynecological diseases treatment alone or mixed either other plants or substances. Inventory include Plant name, Family, Area, Area vernacular name, Part use, Application, Preparation, Disease treated. Literature on Ethnobotanical use in treatment of Gynecological diseases worldwide was collected through online database. Total of 400 plants belonging to 86 families were recorded. Most dominant family is Fabeaceae (43 plants) followed by Amaranthaceae (28 plants) and Asteraceae (24 plants). The current documented study represents the native knowledge used by the tribal people for treatment of different gynecological aliments worldwide.