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Title Effects of cyanoacrylate adhesives and their occupational hazards in prosthodontics - A review~
Authors N. Nilofer Nisha, Jafar Abdulla Mohamed Usman
Description The application of cyanoacrylate adhesives in dentistry has served a boon for many dentists, dental students and dental technicians. Cyanoacrylates have been widely used in various applications in dentistry particularly in the field of Prosthodontics as a repair adhesive and sealing glue. Its biocompatibility and histotoxicity has increased concerns regarding its potential toxic nature among the dental personals. The working room or area should be maintained with more levels of relative humidity, sufficient room airflow and appropriate ventilation to minimize the dental professionals and technicians from exposing to the volatile toxicity of cyanoacrylate adhesives. This article discusses the potential occupational hazard due to cyanoacrylates in the field of Prosthodontics.