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Title Cytotoxic Effect of Gliotoxin, Protease, and Melanin purified from Aspergillus fumigatus on REF Cell Line, in vitro Study
Authors *Batol Imran Dheeb, Farooq Ibrahem Mohammad, Abdulkareem Jasim Hashim
Description Aspergillus fumigatus especially clinical isolate produces a series of toxic substances and proteinicios hemolysin, protease and pigment like melanin which appear to act in an additive and synergic way on cells. In this study, gliotoxin, Protease, and Melanin were used in an experimental model to study their Cytotoxic activity by evaluating their effect on REF cell line ( Rat embryonic fibroblast ), on exposure time of  24  hrs at three different concentrations of  each compounds  triplicate of each concentration  were used, Cytotoxicity of the purified compounds are  active against REF cell line under study and a toxic effect was clear with a significant difference at the level of probability (p< 0.05) and this effect was contrasted among different concentrations for each purified compound growth inhibition of  REF cell line was increase gradually with the increase of compound  concentration.