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Authors *Kishore Rapolu, Vinaydas Aatipamula, Kavitha Jayapala Reddy and Swathi Voruganti
Description Cyclodextrins are cyclic (α -1, 4)-linked oligosaccharides of α -D-glucopyranose containing a relatively hydrophobic central cavity and hydrophilic outer surface. Cyclodextrins, which can          serve as solubilising and stabilizing agent of drug, are very significant in improving the bioavailability of drug, increasing the solubility, decreasing the stimulation, and masking the Smell. The objective of this review is to discuss and summarize some of the findings and application of novel cyclodextrin based nanocarriers.  The nanoparticles, taking cyclodextrins as the matrix, can enhance the capability of encapsuling the guest molecule; efficiently regulate the drug release rate and targeting of drug. This review also highlights the molecular structure, properties like complexation solubility, etc. of cyclodextrins and focuses on its usage in various nanocarriers like liposomes, dendrimers, carbon nanotubes, magnetic nanoparticles, gold nanoparticles and nanosponges. Thus cyclodextrins, because of their continuing ability to find several novel applications, are expected to solve many problems associated with the delivery of different novel drugs through different approaches of nanotechnology.