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Title Chemical and photochemical behavior of progesterone hybrids with antiviral activity
Authors Manal M.T. El-Saidi, Maher A. El-Hashash, Nahid Y. Khaireldin
Description The reaction of progesterone 1 with different aromatic aldehydes refluxed in absolute ethanol in the presence of sodium hydroxide afforded new progesterone chalcone hybrids (2a-e). Chalcone progesterone 2b reacted with (cyclohexyl amine, o-anisidine and p-toluidine) in boiling absolute ethanol to yield the corresponding adducts (3, 4 and 5). Treatment of 2b with (2-aminothiophenol) gave the adduct 6. Hetero-aryl chalcones (2d,e) were exposed to UV lamp (125w) in the presence of benzene yielded cyclobutane derivatives (7a,b). Compound 2d,e were irradiated in ethanol a pinacol dimeric products were obtained 8a,b. The antiviral of some newly products were examined.