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Authors *Himanshu Bhusan Sahoo, Sarda Prasad Sarangi, Viren kumar Patel and Mohanlal kori
Description The flooding of cell phone and towers in world market cause hazardous issue from public health to its future generation. This revengeful interaction between cell phone and human being is depends upon the time and frequency of exposure of electromagnetic waves, which emitted from cell phones. This radiation may cause genotoxic on exposed animals and also may affect to its future offspring. Here we give special attention on the defect of sperm cell on parent animal and gives birth defect to their offspring due to exposure of electromagnetic waves. This defect can be observed by using the male albino rats with the exposure of cell phone for a period of three months. The special cage was designed as mobile stand to keep mobile inside the cage. After termination period, the male animals were mated with female animals for observing birth defect. After gestation period, the delivery statuses of female animals were noted.&nbsp; The current result found that some congenital malformations were found in offspring e.g. infertility of parent animal, under weight of Offspring, Delivery of dead offspring, some physically changes in shape and size etc. This congenital character may be cause physically or mentally handicapped e.g. Change in mandible shape, Ear size, Skin pigmentation, Eye color, skeletal abnormalities etc on long term study. After mating period, the male animals were allowed for laperotomy e.g. sperm analysis. The sperm analysis was compared between the cell phone treated group and without cell phone treated group. The present finding concludes that there was significant damage (* P&lt; 0.05) i. e.&nbsp;&nbsp; 67.60 % of sperm cell in cell phone treated group for three month study. <br />