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Title Antianaphylactic Activity Polyherbal Formulation on Mast Cells of Rats against Active Anaphylaxis
Authors C.Girish, Y. Narsimha Reddy

Anaphylaxis is an acute systemic reaction, which is produced by the mast cells due to release of different chemical mediators. Anaphylaxis is the result of alteration in physiology of mast cell and is responsible for the various physiological changes. Objective of the present study was to evaluate the antianaphylactic activity of polyherbal formulation against the active anaphylaxis with the help of mesenteric mast cells of rats. The study was carried out by sheep serum induced active anaphylaxis model, triple antigen induced symptomatic active anaphylaxis model and compound 48/80 induced rat paw edema model. The rats which are pretreated with standard drug prednisolone (10 mg) and polyherbal formulation (250 mg) shows beneficial effect against active anaphylaxis. Antianaphylactic activity of polyherbal formulation against active anaphylaxis may be possibly due to the membrane stabilizing potential.