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Title Anti-angiogenic activity of natural flavonoid myricetin on chick chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) in-vivo
Authors Thamilarashi A.N, Mangalagowri A, Winkins Santosh
Description Myricetin is a natural flavonol, it possesses anti-oxidative, anti- proliferative and anti- inflammatory effects. The anti-angiogenic activity of Myricetin was studied using Chick Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) in-vivo. The Chick embryos were treated with Myricetin, upto 100µM of concentration there was no morphological changes. Higher than 100µM of concentration inhibited the formation of blood vessles but the concentration of 200µM caused lethality. Myricetin inhibited the neovascularisation in a dose-dependent manner in in-vivo. Histological crosssections of Myricetin treated CAM revealed reduced large and small newly synthesized blood vessels. Treated embryos with Myricetin (100µM, 150µM and 200µM) significantly down- regulated the expression of VEGF-A with Real time PCR method. Our result showed that Myricetin inhibited the growth of newly formed blood vessels in chicken embryos and down regulated the expression of VEGF-A. This study reveals that the potential antiangiogenic effect of Myricetin proves its role as a therapeutic agent against proliferative like cancer.