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Title An assessment of Antioxidant potential and in-vitro SPF activity of Amaranthus tricolor and Curcuma longa
Authors Suchita Wamankar, Anshita Gupta, Pragati Baghel, Pranita Kashyap, Chanchal Deep Kaur
Description The aim of present research work is to focus on analysis of the antioxidant activity and in-vitro SPF value Amaranthus tricolor and Curcuma longa. These types of herbs contains various organic and inorganic molecules (pigments) and their mixture, it had nature of absorption light in the visible region of 400-800nm. In the phytochemical analysis of A. tricolor and C.longa it was found that they contain glycosides, alkaloids, tannin, saponin and flavonoids as well as herbal dyes. The antioxidant properties of ethanolic extract of both herbs were analysed by DPPH percentage free radical inhibition activity. The antioxidant activity was found to be 36.06 ±30.00 % for A. tricolor and 8.17± 20.7% was found for C. longa The SPF value was found to be 4.118 ± 0.0035 A. tricolor, and 4.626 ± 0.018 was found for C. longa. The future prospects of the study lies in developing novel suitable formulations of these herbal dyes.