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Title A study of awareness about prescription writing among undergraduate medical students: A cross-sectional study
Authors Dr. Mayur M. Sisodiya, Dr. Anuradha Gandhi, Dr Prakruti Patel, Dr Mira Desai

Aims: To evaluate the knowledge, attitude and skill of undergraduate medical students about prescription writing. Materials and Methods: The observational, questionnaire based, cross sectional study was carried out in II (group A), III part 1 (group B) and III part 2 (group C) MBBS students. Data was collected through structured, prevalidated questionnaire which included information about demographic details, knowledge about prescription writing, rules and regulation of prescription writing with example to be written by students. Result: A total 475 medical students were divided in group A (n=213), group B (n=144) and group C (n=118). All students knew that the prescription can be written by registered medical practitioner, but only 20.2% students knew that an intern doctor can also write a prescription. Only 40.4% students knew that diagnosis of disease is required in prescription. According to 97.68% students, date of prescription is required to prevent the misuse of blank prescription. Signature of doctor, registration number and contact number of doctor are also important was known by 30.52% students. The refilling information was known by 83.1% students. Prescription was correctly written by 76.05% students of group A followed by group B (56.25%) and group C (34.74%). Total 98.9% students believe that non-pharmacological advice is included in prescription, though 18.52% students did not write non-pharmacological advice in prescription. Conclusion: Students lack detailed knowledge about rules and regulation of prescription writing. Hence a Regular training and evaluation of prescription writing skill can help to promote rational prescribing of medicine.