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Title A simple and rapid determination of candesartan in human plasma by LC-MS/MS
Authors Venkateswarlu Ponneri

The authors described a novel liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry (LC–MS/MS) method for the determination of candesartan in human plasma. The method employs isotope labelled compound, candesartan d4 as internal standard (IS). A simple and one step solid phase extraction (SPE), was used to extract the analyte and the IS. An isocratic mobile phase composed of methanol–5mM ammonium acetate (70:30, v/v) was used to separate the components on C18 column. The method was validated in the range of 1.03–307.92 ng/mL as per the US FDA guidelines. Precision and accuracy results were calculated using five successful calibration curves. All stability tests were well within the acceptable limits. A total run time was set at 2.5 min, which allow us to analyze more number of samples in a single run.