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Title A Comparative Study between Market products and Immediate Release Loratadine Tablets Formulation using different Superdisintegrants
Authors Samira Karim, Saimum Islam, Khurshid Jahan, Md.HaiderAli, Kanij Nahar Deepa and Mohammad Shahriar

Aim of the present study was to develop immediate release tablets of loratadine. Loratadine immediate release tablets were formulated by using different ratios of different superdisintegrants like sodium starch glycolate and kollidon CL with direct compression method. Tablets were prepared and evaluated for different quality parameters. A comparison of commercial loratadine tablets has also been evaluated. The percent releases of the all formulations (total six) were from 91.47%- 98.70% after 1 hr dissolution studies. Best formulation was F3 because of lesser disintegration time and highest percentage drug release at the end of 1 hr. On the other hand, sample-A released 99.83% of drug while sample-B released 99.04% of drug within 1 hr from release pattern of commercial product of loratadine tablets. The study reveals that the superdisintegrants of the study have the capacity to speed up the release of the drug from the immediate release tablets and the more is the amount of the superdisintegrants in the formulation the more is the release of drug showing more immediate action of drug release.